Collection from blood

After completing cell mobilization therapy with Neupogen®, your stem cells will be collected from your blood via apheresis, a safe and virtually painless process similar to donating blood.

Apheresis collects your blood through two intravenous lines, separates the stem cells from other blood cells, then returns your red blood cells back to your body. This process lasts approximately three hours, during which you can relax comfortably in our massage chairs with access to WiFi, teleconference capabilities or entertainment services such as Netflix.

Collection of your stem cells with this technique yields all 3 stem cell types and also what we call non senescent or very healthy stem cells, a result not normally found with bone marrow collection.


Collection from fat (Mesenchymal stem cell collection)

Your stem cells from fat can be collected in two manners. They can be collected at the same time you undergo apheresis after completion of cell mobilization with Neupogen™. This theoretically will yield a better quality from stem cells from fat. Your stem cells from fat can also be collected without mobilization via a simple liposuction procedure under local anestesia. Collected adipose tissue is sent to our laboratory for processing and storage. They are now available to you upon your request.


Personal Q & A session

Our Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI), Dr. Vincent Giampapa, or one of our expertly trained healthcare professionals, will be available during your collection to share research on cellular health, stem cells and cellular nutrition. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about stem cells, their collection and storage process, or even the future of therapies using stem cells.

Where you go for the procedure

The procedure itself will take place at our headquarters, RMI, located in Montclair, New Jersey. RMI is one of the few private FDA-registered and state-licensed blood bank locations in the United States where stem cells from healthy donors are collected from peripheral blood to be cryogenically stored for future use.

Our facility is located just 12 miles west of New York City. We can arrange transportation and accommodations for you if necessary. Your normal daily activities can be resumed immediately following your collection.

How did your cells do?

Approximately eight weeks following your stem cell collection, our medical team will contact you to review your stem cell collection results. Determined by advanced flow cytometry, these collection results include the total number of CD34+ cells, which is a biomarker indicating hematopoietic stem cells (the cells that give rise to all other blood cells). You will receive a StemBank card with your personal stem cell results as well as contact information for RMI, should you need your stem cells in a medical emergency.

Learn about what happens to your cells after collection.

When will your stem cells be available for use

At present your personal stem cells are not able to be used in the USA for elective personal use. We are presently constructing our Regenerative Medicine Institute in Costa Rica and we’ll have a interim facility in San José open in 6 months and the full Regenerative Medicine Institute will open in a year. At this time you will then be able to choose a number of elective uses for your previous collected stem cells. You will be informed about one of the potential uses by one of our medical staff at RMI.

Schedule a call with one of our StemBank Specialists: 862-333-4181, or complete our form.